SONAR 8 Producer Edition

Migrating music from SONAR 8 to Logic Pro X

I've been using Cakewalk software for years. In 2005, I bought Cakewalk Home Studio, which I used to compose my first album, "A World...
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What’s the best social share button plugin for WordPress?

There are lots of WordPress plugins offering a quick and easy way to set up social share buttons on your site. Which is the...
Licorice Allsorts fort

Ooh, I do like this theme

This is me, trying out a new theme for my blog. I like it. Oh, and here’s a picture of some Licorice Allsorts. That’s...
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Site updates, February 2015

Recent updates to

A quick look at Facebook and Twitter social stats

Does it make a difference if you link to a blog post in a Facebook status, or in a comment on a status?
Our wedding in Las Vegas

From 2005 to 2015 and counting…

A photo from our wedding day in 2005, and a photo from our recent trip to St Lucia to celebrate our 10th anniversary.
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New music: Aries Part 3 (2015 Remix)

I've just uploaded a new remix of "Aries Part 3" from my 2005 album, "A World Beyond".
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Forget resolutions: follow these quick lifestyle tips instead

It's great to have goals. But don't set targets because it's January 1st. Do it because you want to improve your life.
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Links #1: Mon Dec 29

Future of popular coding tool in doubt - Integrating contrast checks in your web workflow - Facebook apologises for its Year in Review app
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Looking back at 2014

2014 has been a good year for me. I'd like to look back at how it went.