About Ben Barden

Professional profile

  • I'm currently working as a Scrum Master / Delivery Manager.
  • I enjoy development, especially shipping high quality, working software. Shipping is more important than agonising over perfect code.
  • I’ve trained and worked as a tester. It completely transformed my view of development. All devs should try testing (not just unit testing). I have a natural aptitude for exploratory testing.
  • I’ve run several projects as a technical PM, worked as a Scrum Master for teams using Kanban or Scrum, and contributed to hands-on coding, code reviews, writing/reviewing tickets, performing QA, and taking on ops tasks to free up developers where I can.
  • In addition to tech and QA skills, I have experience of JIRA admin, and can tame a tricky backlog. I've been called a JIRA ninja!


  • Focus: I’m a problem solver. I enjoy getting to the root of issues, removing friction and pain points, thereby maximising a product’s potential.
  • Organisation: I’m unfazed by having multiple priorities. I align a product’s roadmap with team capabilities and business needs.
  • Attention to detail: I look at the big picture and I also get into the details when needed.
  • Quality-focused: I believe that even the smallest bugs can add up to a below-par experience. I address issues to maintain high product quality.
  • Strong communication: I maintain clear and coherent communication whether I’m dealing with technical or non-technical people. I can explain business requirements to developers, and translate jargon into plain English as required.


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Ben Barden