Hi, I’m Ben Barden. I do (or have done) lots of different things – product management, blogging, coding, testing, writing music, managing teams, building communities. I get bored if I only do one thing. You might call me a “jack of all trades”; in practice it means I have a broad skill set.

What can you find on my blog?

I write about tech, blogging, social media and music. I write about projects past and present, what I’ve done, and what I’ve learned.

While being interested in lots of different things can make my blog feel a bit “scattergun”, there are running themes:

  • Getting things done: delivery over perfection
  • Software quality: doing things well
  • Organisation: keeping track of multiple priorities at a time
  • Continuous improvement: making things better, and doing so incrementally (small, frequent changes rather than big bang)

Work-related posts

Below is a selection of posts relating to things I’ve done at work, such as notable projects I’ve worked on.


Occasionally I compile eBooks of blog posts on a specific topic. These give the subject a bit more breathing space than a single post provides. These eBooks are free to download as a PDF.

Get in touch

Due to spam, I no longer publish an email address on my blog. You can get in touch via social media: