I’ve tried several ways of managing my bookmarks, saving links for later, and sharing links if I enjoy them.

Tools such as Pocket, Evernote, Delicious, standard browser bookmarks, and a few others I can’t recall right now have been generally fine. But nothing has really worked out for me. Typically, I try a new tool, throw some links into it, then don’t really use it.

However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Instapaper. I’ve started saving links to it, including 30 or 40 tabs I had open on my iPhone, and links that were previously in a “To Read” folder in my browser bookmarks. I’ve got more to go through, including other browser bookmarks, and Evernote notes. But so far, so good.

Today, during my morning commute, I read a few posts on my phone and either liked them or archived them. That’s a good start.

If you haven’t used it before, Instapaper is definitely worth a try. You can see my recent “likes” on my Instapaper profile.

On an unrelated note – I like the rainbow at WordPress.com today!

Wordpress.com rainbow - Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

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