Having emptied the trash folder in Gmail (or the “Bin” in the UK version), I was greeted with the following message:

No conversations in the Bin. Who needs to delete when you have so much storage?!

I don’t understand how having a lot of storage justifies never deleting anything. By deleting things you really don’t need, you won’t approach storage limits as quickly.

By default, Gmail has a 30GB limit on mailboxes. I run the IT at my workplace, and we have several people approaching that storage limit. You can pay for more storage, but the costs quickly add up – and it doesn’t solve the underlying problem.

How do you use 30GB of storage in your Gmail account?

I find it’s mostly attachments – and most of these either don’t need to be kept forever, or can be safely stored somewhere else. It’s particularly true when you have large files being created daily and emailed to people – if you store the file once and send around the link, that can drastically reduce your disk usage.