Over the last few years, I’ve probably spent more time reorganising my personal site than actually working on new material to put on the site. I was in a bit of a creative drought, and just wasn’t 100% happy with the various personal sites I’ve tried to put together over the last few years.

I’m hoping today’s efforts will be a foundation to build on, rather than something to tear down and rebuild later in the year. Check it out: Music by Ben Barden

That was the easy part. Here’s the fun part: A Change of Scenery

The music player uses the brilliant jPlayer, which I’ve added to the sidebar and used to make a playlist of all 20 tracks from that album.

An added bonus is that if you click one of the track names in the text on the left of the page, it’ll start playing that track. Also, if you grab the URL, it should have the track number in it – so if you come back to the page later, it’ll autoplay that track. Otherwise, it won’t play anything until you choose a track (or click Play to start track 1).

Hope you enjoy some of the tracks.