Over the last year and a bit, I’ve been through a very productive and enjoyable periodĀ of music composition.

My last album, “A Change of Scenery“, was finished in November 2009. After that, I went for 5 years with very little interest in writing music. Some of this was because I was totally tied up with working in London – not to mention commuting.

It took until November 2014 to come up with the track that kick-started my return to music – the aptly named “November Dawn”. Since then, I’ve been putting the finishing touches to what was going to be my sixth album – a double album called “Parallel Paths”.

However, with such a large gap since my fifth album, along with a change in the style of music, it felt like a good opportunity to start over.

Introducing… GFD Music.


New music can be found under Albums, with the double album split into two “sister albums” – Symmetry 1, and Symmetry 2. A total of 22 new tracks are available to play or download.

There’s a music blog, a Soundcloud page for sharing individual tracks (although it’s not yet linked from the website), new graphics (album covers and track artwork), a Twitter account, and a Facebook page.

Please follow, listen, and spread the word if you like the music. Thank you!