Instead of setting one or more resolutions for the whole year (if you do, I bet you go off-piste by March) why not set one goal per month?

In January I attempted to write a blog post every day. I didn’t achieve that goal, but I did write a total of 10 new posts in January – the same as the number I wrote in the previous four months combined.

For February, I’ve embarked on a songwriting challenge: FAWM (here’s my profile). The goal is to write 14 tracks in 28 days. I’m trying to get a bit of a head start as I have a few social events¬†lined up this month, so I won’t be able to write a new track every day. I’ve already managed 5 tracks in 5 days. It’s going well so far.

I haven’t planned a goal for March yet. I don’t see a reason to plan a goal for every month of the year right away. This allows me to leave plenty of room for new ideas. I might think of a new mini-project later in the year that I wouldn’t have thought of sooner.

I also don’t want to¬†publish a list of 12 objectives on my blog, only to miss most of them. I’d rather share my progress as I go. I’ve slightly broken this with February’s goal, as I’ve shared quite early, but I’m still taking the idea one goal at a time.

Try monthly goals, or mini-projects – see what you can achieve.