If you’re anything like me, you probably have a bunch of to-do lists for all the things you do:

  • blog post ideas and activities
  • project to-do lists – writing content, coding, marketing
  • household tasks – maybe a cleaning rota?
  • financial and other personal affairs

It can feel overwhelming to have so many things to do – and this can lead to chronic procrastination.

I’ll look at to-do lists in future posts, but for now the tip for today is: try keeping a “Done” list.

How it works: Whenever you complete a task, you’ll tick it off your To-do list. You might already have a way to see these completed tasks. But a lot of task-based apps and tools tend to veer towards the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. So once you tick an item off the list, you’ve done it – excellent. But it also vanishes.

So, why not start a list of the items you’ve completed? Depending on the type of tasks you’re doing and how often you’re ticking things off, this could be a weekly or a monthly completed task list.

Today I’ve done lots of household tasks, and feel quite accomplished. But when I move onto the next thing, I will probably forget about what I did today. I find it very motivating to look back over things I’ve done.

Let me know if you start keeping a Done list and how you get on with it. Thanks for reading!