2020 wasn’t great really, was it?

This Instagram post from Rhys Wynne resonated with me. Specifically the opening:

I was listening to a podcast and they said this year has been “Net Neutral” for them.

I read this after I’d started putting together a list of highs and lows – it feels very apt.

Covid was (and still is) an obvious low. Sadly we lost my grandmother as the care homes were getting hit. A small group of us were able to meet for the funeral, which was a rare opportunity to see some of my family that didn’t involve Zoom.

I turned 40, which I have mixed feelings about. Originally I wanted to throw a party but that was obviously not possible. I did see a few of the family for a barbecue – the only other time I’ve been able to see most of them.

Working from home has been mostly good for me. Day to day it’s been quite samey – and I do miss the buzz of the London office. But I don’t miss the time and money I was spending on commuting 5 days a week. I also don’t miss the regular delays and overcrowding. It feels like a long time ago!

A big achievement was finding a flat I could afford, and having an offer accepted. It’s been a bit delayed, but I’m hoping it’ll complete and I’ll be able to move in the next few weeks.

Another achievement was getting my music on Spotify. It’s pretty niche, so I’m not expecting a lot of listeners – but it’s something I’ve put a lot of myself into, and this has long been a goal of mine. Here’s a playlist of the tracks I’ve uploaded so far.

My Nintendo Switch hobby site (Switch Scores) has been coming along nicely, with collaborations and help from a few different people. The site has been running for nearly 4 years (originally called World of Switch) and it’s great to see that others are finding the site useful – it motivates me to do more with it.

2021 may well turn out to be more of the same – but hopefully as the year progresses, we can see people again.

Other than continuing with my projects (Switch Scores and my music) I’d like to get back into blogging this year. Famous last words. After many years of blogging on and off, I’ve reached the point where I’m not sure what to write about here – or who I’m writing for. Perhaps I’ll figure that out and go somewhere with it. Or I won’t figure it out – but I’d still like to blog anyway. It’s good writing practice. (I’m not sure what for…)

If you’re reading, thank you and I hope you have a Happy New Year.