You've probably reached this page because you tried to access one of my old websites. Here's what happened to a few of them. I'm in the process of updating this page - there will be more info here soon.

I'd be surprised if anyone remembers this, which was my personal site before I moved to in 2005.

I bought in 2000 and changed it around a lot. It was a good place to try things out since I started learning HTML in 1999. It included a bio and photos, tech tips, mobile ringtones (the kind you could key into a Nokia phone), dance music reviews, plus some very early, unfinished versions of my music in MIDI format.

When I started an ezboard community in 2001, I rebranded into a creativity hub site, with member content and other supplemental content to run alongside the forums. I met my wife, Lauren, on one of the official community forums at

By early 2005, the creativity hub had run its course, so I closed it and started setting up a new site at

Injader was an open-source CMS that I developed between May 2005 and June 2010. Injader 2.4.4 was the last version before the project closed. Injader 2.4.5 came out in December 2010 with some security fixes. After a long hiatus, I released Injader 2.5.0 in September 2014, but by then things had moved on a lot.

The work I'd originally intended for Injader 3.0.0 was scrapped, and I started over with a new project - Jewel CMS. However, it was not to be. See below for more.

Jewel CMS was a continuation/revival of Injader, its versioning reset to 1.0.0. Even with a fairly major rewrite to the original codebase, there was a lot of work still to do. The project didn't last very long. I never announced its closure, but it didn't really get off the starting blocks. Moving servers pushed me to retire the site. You can still find the latest code on GitHub.

I started writing blogging tips and tricks way back in December 2007, on my blog at A series of blogs followed:,, - not to mention the short-lived and Eventually, I settled on, and quietly started it in February 2011.

The blog was reasonably popular for the first year or so, spurred on by my involvement with a couple of blogging communities - as a moderator/administrator at Entrecard, and later, as one of three founders at a new ad network called CMF Ads.

However, the blog gradually lost its traction, despite a well-received redesign or two, a few free eBooks, an email newsletter, and a punchy relaunch in August 2012, where I started writing blunt, no-nonsense posts.

The blog wound down late in 2014. I briefly considered selling it, but I didn't like the idea of my content being repurposed into a marketing site for what would've probably amounted to a few hundred pounds at the most.

I still have all of the best content saved, although it would need a lot of work to bring it up to date. However, I'm planning to blog again over at Bloggeries in the near future, so you might see some of it over there.