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Getting things done

One of the first things I learned in Scrum is the importance of a task being “Done”. In short, until something is done, you don’t get the value. Getting a task to “Done” might not be as simple as someone picking it up and doing it. Sometimes, it’s good for members of a team to pair up and… Read More

Ben Barden

4 tips to get your in progress column moving

A simple Kanban board has 3 columns: To do, In progress, Done. Tasks in To Do haven’t been picked up yet; In progress shows tasks that are being worked on; Done contains the tasks that have been completed. If you’re not careful, the “in progress” column can get overwhelming. Here are a few things to watch out for, and some… Read More

Ben Barden

Navigating estimates and due dates in Agile

Software estimates are hard. Even with deep knowledge of the technologies being used, not to mention the system you’re working on, we’ve all run into issues we didn’t see coming. And when it’s plain sailing, what if you get interrupted – or asked to do something else before you’re ready? In looking to understand more about why estimation is hard,… Read More

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