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Blogging mistakes – and how to avoid them

At a recent department tech talk, I was asked to say a few words about blogging – as I was once known for blogging about blogging. Over the last few years, my blogging frequency has decreased a lot. With a list of failed blogs behind me, it feels somewhat disingenuous to talk about blogging. However, you can still learn from… Read More

Ben Barden

Our online, filtered lives

This post was originally titled, “What is blogging in 2018?”, but my train of thought turned it into a different topic. To draw from that original title, blogging in 2018 is not really that different from what I wrote in a previous post on blogging in 2017. Blogging, and by extension our online lives, are still filtered. However, in the… Read More

Ben Barden

What is blogging in 2017?

Never mind the future of blogging – what’s the “now” of blogging in 2017? I’ve been a bit quiet here recently. There are various reasons for this, but if I rolled off a few, they’d sound like excuses. The quick version? Circumstances change. People change. People move on. Ironically, I don’t always blog my thoughts in case someone reads something I’d rather they… Read More

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