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New Twig-based theme, now with added Bootstrap 5.1

After an unsuccessful attempt to update the theme on my blog last night, I’ve had a second attempt. This one works better. As always, there are things still to be tweaked – but it’s a start. To catch you up on yesterday’s post, I’ve installed Timber, a handy plugin that allows you to build Twig-based themes in WordPress. I’ve… Read More

Ben Barden

A small blog refresh

I’ve been thinking whether to move to a different blogging platform, roll my own, use static files, or simply change the theme. This is far from the first time I’ve come to this point. Years ago I wrote my own CMS. Prior to that I used static HTML. I’ve also used lots of different platforms. In short, while the tech… Read More

Ben Barden

Looking back at 2020

2020 wasn’t great really, was it? This Instagram post from Rhys Wynne resonated with me. Specifically the opening: I was listening to a podcast and they said this year has been “Net Neutral” for them. I read this after I’d started putting together a list of highs and lows – it feels very apt. Covid was (and still… Read More

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