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Starting again

My personal site was looking a bit old and tired, and my blog wasn’t particularly prominent. I’ve decided to merge the two. All of the old content has been imported – I’m not fully starting afresh. I’m not all that sold on the theme. Will see if I can find something I like more…… Read More

Ben Barden

T2 Tea

There’s a tea shop in Richmond called T2. They sell tea. After a lot of thought (should we buy a tea maker, tea set, and loose tea?) we decided to keep it simple and buy a few teabags. So far we’ve only tried Melbourne Breakfast, which is very nice: a subtle flavour with a… Read More

Ben Barden

Moving house

As I wrote in a previous post, we recently set the wheels in motion to move back to London. Today was the big day! It started out as a very dark and cloudy day. But by the time the movers got here and started moving things, things brightened up a bit. Unfortunately, it rained at the… Read More

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