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Pizza Express: a good gluten-free lunch

Today we had lunch at Pizza Express. They have good gluten-free options; any pizza can be made on a gluten-free base. There are also starters and desserts. We skipped dessert but had starters. You can get the Pizza Express dough balls as a gluten-free dish. I had these followed by a Diavolo pizza on the gluten-free base. Overall,… Read More

Ben Barden

Packing for the move

As we’re moving house on Monday, several people have asked if we’re packed. Well, not completely, but we don’t have much stuff to pack. Here’s what we’ve packed so far: Not much, right? We do have more to pack, but most of what’s left can’t be packed until Sunday night. There’s still furniture, but that obviously won’t… Read More

Ben Barden

Blogging in five sentences

If email takes up too much of your time, you can adopt the model suggested by Write your email responses in no more than five sentences (and it’s ok to write shorter responses than that). There’s also variations on thisĀ idea, where you could write four, three or even two sentences. You could also adopt this… Read More

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