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Quick cider reviews

As I've been gluten-free since late 2014, I've had to stop drinking most types of beer. Instead, I've sampled a variety of other drinks. The easiest thing to buy in a bar or pub is cider, as most don't stock gluten-free beer, which has meant I've also had a lot of cider given to me as gifts. I don't drink at home very often, so today I thought I'd sample everything I've got to see what I do and don't like. I'm blogging about it as otherwise I'll forget what I thought of the drinks! Anyway, here goes. (NOTE: in case any of these aren't gluten-free, I'll add a disclaimer here. Check before you drink!) Read More

Ben Barden

Happy New Year! – and how to make sensible resolutions

Happy New Year! The beginning of a fresh new year prompts some of us to consider setting resolutions for the year ahead. Problem is, these resolutions can be unrealistic, and won't last beyond the first few weeks of the year. I find that it's better to set objectives at various points through the year - not just at the start of the year. In the past I've had the view that resolutions are a waste of time - but as someone who's fascinated by numbers and dates (a topic for another day if ever there was one), I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a buzz out of starting something new on January 1st. Below are a few tips to help with setting decent resolutions that you'll hopefully stick to. Read More

Ben Barden

Visiting Brighton – and moving back to London

Today, we spent a few hours in Brighton. It was a bit foggy, but the fog lifted within an hour or so. We’ve lived in Haywards Heath for just over 3 years. It’s a 15-20 minute train journey from Brighton. In early January, we’re moving to London. The ongoing problems with Southern Rail have made commuting a… Read More

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