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Homepage relaunch

Now the miniblog has been running for a couple of weeks (here’s my intro post if you missed it), it’s time to think about whether it’s working. Yes. Well that was easy! The main blog is now gone. Have a look at what I’ve done with my new homepage. I’ve pulled through links to some of my stuff from around… Read More

Ben Barden

What’s the quickest way to set up a blog?

If you want to set up a personal blog, or a non-serious, non-business blog, by far the simplest way is to sign up for one of the following sites: Tumblr Blogger Business blogs are definitely worth setting up as a self-hosted WordPress blog on your own custom URL (i.e. – rather than This takes… Read More

Ben Barden

The power of networks

Back in late 2000, I discovered ezboard – a message board network. A group of friends were organising an event in London (Intensity), and they set up the “Intensity board” – a message board where people could chat before and after the event. When I set up my own ezboard community in early 2001, I noticed that new members could find your… Read More

Ben Barden

Does everyone need a full website?

This week, my dad got in touch to say his two WordPress self-hosted sites had been suspended by his web host as they had been hacked. I cleaned things up and the web host reopened the sites. My dad then asked if he could manage without a website, and simply use social media. There are many things to consider, such… Read More

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