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New music: Night Sessions

I’m moving to a new flat on Monday, so I’m quite busy packing and preparing for the move. Instead of the usual blog post, this week I’d like to share some music I’ve written, which went up on streaming sites this morning. It’s an EP of six tracks, titled “Night Sessions” and written under the name “GFD”. Read More

Ben Barden

A 25-year Epic Journey

Way, way back in September 1995… I wrote my first proper song. I’d written bits and pieces of music before then, none of it very good, and none of it even close to being finished. That first track was called “Waiting for the Sun”. It’s a bit basic. Fast-forward 10 years to 2005. I was tired of saying that I… Read More

Ben Barden

The future of iTunes

Update, 4th June 2019: The BBC have confirmed this news. Notable: iTunes will remain unchanged on Windows platforms, and downloads will still be available in a sidebar on the Apple Music app for Macs. My original post follows. Last week I read a few articles about the alleged closure of iTunes, with the suggestion that Apple will… Read More

Ben Barden

Music Monday: How I got into Trance

I love trance. I’ve loved it since I first heard it back in 1998. Twenty years later, here’s a quick look back at how it started for me. A lot of the music I listened to while growing up came from my parents. My parents split before I was a year old; I lived with my mum, my brother and… Read More

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