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New album now online: Singularity

Last month I posted about FAWM 2018, which I was hoping to use as the basis for a new album. It went well – I wrote 14 tracks. Following a bit of editing and reordering, I’ve put these online as my 11th album: “Singularity“. The album name relates to the one-word titles I’ve chosen for every track. Not… Read More

Ben Barden

FAWM 2018: a good excuse to write new music

Last year, I wrote 16 tracks as part of FAWM, an annual songwriting challenge where the goal is to write 14 tracks in 28 days. This year, I’m a couple of days late posting my first tracks (compared to last year, anyway), but I’ve made a start. Here’s my FAWM profile with links to the new tracks. I… Read More

Ben Barden

Music update: FAWM complete!

Tonight, I completed FAWM! (Here’s my original post, for context.) Basically, I wrote 14 tracks in 18 days – I finished with 10 days to spare. I might do a couple more, but for now, that’s the challenge done. A couple of links to check out: “Ten” – the album page on with all 14 tracks My… Read More

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