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Music update: 2016 albums and what’s coming up in 2017

I’m quite pleased with what I achieved in 2016. As my¬†Music page¬†shows, I released four new albums: Symmetry 1 Symmetry 2 Revisited Voyage into Space I released Symmetry 1 and Symmetry 2 simultaneously, under the name “GFD”. Towards the end of the year, I released Voyage into Space, also as “GFD”. Meanwhile, the Revisited project was an opportunity for… Read More

Ben Barden

Revisiting the Revisited album project

Last year, I remixed 20 tracks spanning my first two albums. This collection formed the first part of the “Revisited” album project. I also put the original tracks back online, and added music players to every album I’ve released. These can be found via my Music page. I’ve recently started working on the next phase of this project,… Read More

Ben Barden

More new music online

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of new tracks: Revisited 8 new remixes – listen here. Stormy Shores Clear Blue Skies Morning Exploring Rainforest Candlelit Cavern No Way Out Into Darkness Twisted Vision Voyage into Space A new album with 9 tracks – listen here. Rocket Fuel Leaving the Planet Industrial Evolution Crystal Beach Comet Chasing Lost in Space… Read More

Ben Barden

Music site updates – new albums and tracks

I’ve just finishing moving all of the content from my old music site (GFD Music) and merging it into my personal site. It didn’t make sense to have both sites, so I’ve combined the two. Here’s a quick look: Music by Ben Barden Lots of albums! Albums 5, 6, 7 and 8 can be played online; I’ll be… Read More

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