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Music update: new website and albums!

Over the last year and a bit, I’ve been through a very productive and enjoyable period of music composition. My last album, “A Change of Scenery“, was finished in November 2009. After that, I went for 5 years with very little interest in writing music. Some of this was because I was totally tied up with working in London –… Read More

Ben Barden

New music uploaded in August 2015

Last month, I uploaded six tracks to SoundCloud. They are: Circumference (2015 remix) – which I shared on my blog recently. A remix of a track from a previous album, “Twice Midnight”. Crystallized – a synth-heavy piece. Fireflies – a full version of a demo I uploaded earlier in the year. Classic Case of Chaos – a very different style for… Read More

Ben Barden

A Change of Scenery: getting my music back online

Over the last few years, I’ve probably spent more time reorganising my personal site than actually working on new material to put on the site. I was in a bit of a creative drought, and just wasn’t 100% happy with the various personal sites I’ve tried to put together over the last few years. I’m hoping today’s efforts will be a… Read More

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