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How many projects should a team work on at a time?

I recently posted on LinkedIn, asking for suggestions for post ideas. This one comes from James Nowell: I would love to know what your thoughts are around the maximum number of projects a team should be working on at any point in time. The ideal number is one for pure focus time however I don’t see that as realistic… Read More

Ben Barden

Getting things done

One of the first things I learned in Scrum is the importance of a task being “Done”. In short, until something is done, you don’t get the value. Getting a task to “Done” might not be as simple as someone picking it up and doing it. Sometimes, it’s good for members of a team to pair up and… Read More

Ben Barden

Productivity tip: keep a Done list

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a bunch of to-do lists for all the things you do: blog post ideas and activitiesproject to-do lists – writing content, coding, marketinghousehold tasks – maybe a cleaning rota?financial and other personal affairs It can feel overwhelming to have so many things to do – and this can lead to chronic procrastination. Read More

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