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Thoughts on tech support

In tech, providing some kind of support is essential. However, I’ve found that a lot of people don’t want to do it. Maybe I’m weird – but I quite like tech support. Support is a great way to learn, and can be quite varied and interesting. Sometimes it’s given to new or junior team members – but I’d argue it’s… Read More

Ben Barden

Tech in plain English

When I was young, I wanted to be a teacher. I’ve often found it difficult to learn new things. There’s always that hump you need to get past: when you go from reading and digesting, to starting to understand the core principles behind whatever it is you’re learning, and becoming more fluent. It could be a musical instrument, a foreign… Read More

Ben Barden

The future of iTunes

Update, 4th June 2019: The BBC have confirmed this news. Notable: iTunes will remain unchanged on Windows platforms, and downloads will still be available in a sidebar on the Apple Music app for Macs. My original post follows. Last week I read a few articles about the alleged closure of iTunes, with the suggestion that Apple will… Read More

Ben Barden

Use Makefiles to quickly run common commands

A tip I picked up from work is the use of a Makefile to set up short aliases for commands you run often, but that are a pain to type, or you can’t remember. I find this particularly useful as I code fairly intermittently these days, so it’s easy to forget the exact syntax of certain commands. A good example… Read More

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