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Information overload: how are we supposed to keep up?

I've always been hungry for news. I like to know what's happening - and I like to know when it happens. The thing is, I feel I've reached saturation point. I jokingly summed this up in a recent tweet: #AppleEvent and #BakeOff on the same day. TOO MUCH — Ben Barden (@benbarden) September 7, 2016 Throw in Pokemon Go (I'm not ashamed to say I'm still enjoying it) and I'm torn between the buzz of feeling in the loop, and information overload. Read More

Ben Barden

Production code and real-world tech

This week I read a tweet that really resonated with me: I'd love to see more conference talks around how to work with real life code. Tools and tips and tricks on refactoring and understanding. — Jon Kuperman (@jkup) March 24, 2016 I totally agree. However, this applies beyond coding. I’d like to… Read More

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