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Change in Technology

I like change. Actually – I love it. I get bored when nothing changes. It’s partly why I do what I do. I’ve been coding for years, as I can be in control of what gets done – and how it gets done. More recently, I’ve been managing a team of developers, giving help and direction with what needs to be done. Read More

Ben Barden

Setting up Twig in Laravel

Re-posted from my old blog This week, I have been mostly trying… Laravel. Trying a new PHP framework raises a few questions. What coding style does it use? How do you build models? What do templates look like? When trying Laravel for the first time, I wasn’t keen on the Blade templating engine. So I decided to look for… Read More

Ben Barden

UX 101: hit Enter to submit

Usability testing is something I do a lot. Whether I’m testing what my technical team has built, or I’m using a website or app for the first time, I have some expectations when it comes to how the application behaves. I’ve found there can be quite big differences between how the front-end of a site works, and how the admin… Read More

Ben Barden

Gmail encourages us to hold onto emails we no longer need

Having emptied the trash folder in Gmail (or the “Bin” in the UK version), I was greeted with the following message: No conversations in the Bin. Who needs to delete when you have so much storage?! I don’t understand how having a lot of storage justifies never deleting anything. By deleting things you really don’t need, you won’t approach storage limits… Read More

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