A Change of Scenery

A Change of Scenery is my fifth album. Its name comes from my relocation back to the UK in 2009, after two and a half years living in Australia.

The cover is typically British: a snowy landscape with a red phone box. An alternative cover included a photo of me in front of Big Ben.

The album includes mostly loose ends: unreleased material from previous albums or albums I never completed (see below for details), alongside remixes ("Longing", "Nebular Dreaming", "The Wilderness, Part 2", "Lifeline II"), a very old track from my archives ("Fallen Leaves"), plus a handful of brand new tracks to balance things out ("Moonsurfing", "The Spiral Staircase", "Starlining").

A Change of Scenery also feels like a bookend for my first five albums. It took me six years to release another album - and the next album was quite different.

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Loose ends

  • The similar titles used for Sunwatching, Moonsurfing and Starlining are linked to the original title for the album - Sun, Moon and Stars.
  • Stepping Stones gets its name from the fact it bridges the gaps between a few tracks. A track called "Begin Spring" forms the opening and closing of the piece, whereas two tracks from Citadel City - "Into the unknown" and "The Underdog" - make up most of the remainder.
  • The remixed tracks from Besidewalk Plight were originally going to become a complete album remix, similar to Hidden in the Beyond. This idea resurfaced on the Revisited album project.


The album includes several remixes of tracks from earlier albums.

Title Original version Original album
Longing Travelling Unravelled The Unravelling of Travelling
Nebular Dreaming Nebular Dreams Besidewalk Plight
The Wilderness, Part 2 The Wilderness Besidewalk Plight
Lifeline II Lifeline The Unravelling of Travelling

Album changes

Some tracks were originally written for other albums.

Title Original album
Deviance Forgotten Past
Forgotten Past Forgotten Past
The Sounds of Time Forgotten Past
Blanket of Snow Landscapes
Silent Shore Landscapes
Sunwatching Citadel City
Pipes of the Hills Citadel City
Listen for the mountains Citadel City
Stepping Stones Twice Midnight
Invisible in the Shadows The Unravelling of Travelling
Model Railway The Unravelling of Travelling
Climbing the Peak The Unravelling of Travelling


All tracks are free to use for non-commercial purposes. Attribution required.

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Ben Barden - A Change of Scenery