Hidden in the Beyond

Hidden in the Beyond is a remixed version of A World Beyond (album "1A").

Most of the photos for this album were taken, once again, at Guildford Castle in Surrey, UK. However, the original photoshoot took place in Central Park, USA. The original album cover was taken from this shoot.

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The first eleven tracks can be mapped directly to the first eleven tracks on A World Beyond, so you can see which tracks I remixed.

HITB title AWB title
Dancing on the Cliffs The Cliffs
At the Bottom of the Sea Ocean Dive
Silversword The Sword
Green Fields As Long As It Takes
Return to the Dreamland Descend into Dreamland
Lost in the Beyond World of Peace
Three Sides Meadow
December Loneliness Somewhere There
The Blue Butterfly White Butterflies
Underground Maze Subterranean Labyrinth
Message for a Child Blue Jade
Hidden in the Beyond A World Beyond + Raindrops
Nine Intertwined Aries (Parts 1 to 5)

Track 12, "Hidden in the Beyond", is a remix of two tracks from the original album: "A World Beyond", and "Raindrops".

Track 13, "Nine Intertwined", is a remix of "Aries (Parts 1 and 2)", "Aries Part 3", and "Aries (Parts 4 and 5)". The remainder of the track includes new material.

"Circular Finale" is the only track from A World Beyond to not appear on Hidden in the Beyond in any shape or form. Originally I started on a new version of this track, with a working title of "Final Circle". However, as the original track was mostly variations on the themes I wrote for A World Beyond, there was not much reason to write a new version.


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Ben Barden - Hidden in the Beyond