The Cliffs

“The Cliffs” is the opening track from my first album, A World Beyond. Although I remixed it for Hidden in the Beyond under the name “Dancing on the Cliffs”, I prefer the original.

Here’s my description of the track, taken from the original album sleeve notes:

I’m standing at the top of the cliffs. There’s a beautiful sunset and striking clouds, but when I look down, my stomach does somersaults. Two different emotions at once.

While it wasn’t the first track I ever wrote, and it also wasn’t the first track I completed for A World Beyond, I considered it to be a strong album opener. As with most of my early music, the original was sparse and lacked depth – but the melodies were good.

“The Cliffs” was written as one track. It did not have any other tracks stuck onto it to make a longer track – which was something I did quite a bit of on this album.