Journey to Atlantis

“Journey to Atlantis” is a remix of “Ocean Dive” from A World Beyond.

Here’s the track description from the original album sleeve notes:

At first, the ocean is calm and peaceful. Then it gets briefly dark and dangerous. Much of the piece moves back and forth between calm and ominous moods. Later, it accelerates and leads into a new tune, before revisiting the original theme and finally, the “outro”.

At the time, this was the first track on A World Beyond to include drums. While “The Cliffs” did not have drums, the later remixes – including the Revisited remix – did have drums.


The track is constructed of several shorter tracks, a pattern I followed for several of my earliest tracks. The sections are:

0:00 On and On
1:31 (Main theme)
2:48 Survival Beings
5:04 Forever Valley


For this remix, I changed the title at the very last minute. While the earlier part of the track fits the “Ocean Dive” title, the final section (Forever Valley) gives the piece something of a destination. Putting Atlantis as the final destination feels more suitable than simply reaching the bottom of the sea – or emerging at the surface again.

With the remix, I’ve added a lot more depth, and tried to remove most of the “sparseness” from the original. Also, the final section is a bit longer. The Revisited remix is probably closer to “Ocean Dive” than “At the Bottom of the Sea”, as the latter of the two somewhat spoiled the Forever Valley section.