The Sword

"The Sword" is the third track from my first album, A World Beyond.

Here’s the track description from the original album sleeve notes:

Green fields and dark clouds. A knight in shining armour holding his sword. He’s the last one standing. Victorious, but alone.

This was my first attempt at writing music in the style of a movie score. As the track is quite long and doesn’t really have any surprises, it might work better if it were part of a soundtrack. I like it, but it’s quite basic.

Unlike most of my music, I played the track by hand. Most of the music was improvised around a series of chords.

At the time, a criticism of A World Beyond was that it had too many piano-led tracks. Listening to it now, the album does feel a bit samey. However, “The Sword” was always intended as a piano track.


Coming off the back of the sparse instrumentation on A World Beyond, I went too far in the other direction for much of Hidden in the Beyond. I was keen to try adding strings to “The Sword” in the form of a remix, which I called “Silversword” – but I feel I overdid it.

For the Revisited project, I’ve left the original mostly untouched, except for using a different piano sound and ironing out a couple of issues with the audio.