Somewhere There

"Somewhere There" is track 8 from my first album, A World Beyond.

Original track description:

A usually busy town with colourful Christmas lights. However, there’s nobody around except me. What could be a happy occasion quickly becomes obscured by the loneliness.

I first wrote a basic chord sequence for “Somewhere There” in 1999, along with some lyrics that didn’t make a whole lot of sense (which is where the title comes from). Having played the chords through a few times, I realised that they had potential, so scribbled “WORK ON” at the top of the page.

The piece resurfaced a year or two later, when I used the chords to create a melody. The core of the track was there, but it was missing an ending. This was added later.

There are some strong melodies in the track – in my view, some of the strongest on A World Beyond. It was always supposed to be a melancholy piece, which is partly how I came up with the track description.

When I shared the original version of this track online, I remember someone saying it made them think of Hogwarts. That wasn’t my intention at all, but it was hardly surprising due to the sounds I used.


This is one track where I consider the Hidden in the Beyond remix (“December Loneliness”) to be a lot better than the original.

For the Revisited remix, I’ve taken the “December Loneliness” version, changed the instruments and added some drums.