Green Fields

This is a remix of “As Long As It Takes” from A World Beyond. “Green Fields” is also the title of the remix of the same track as it appeared on Hidden in the Beyond.

Original track description:

A young couple getting married; the start of many years of happiness. They fought just the night before and are having second thoughts, but a wise man tells them that they should push past it and move on. They’ll get there in time – it’ll take as long as it takes.

This description ties into the title of the original (“As Long As It Takes”). However, the remixed title “Green Fields” actually comes from the description for “The Sword”:

Green fields and dark clouds. A knight in shining armour holding his sword. He’s the last one standing. Victorious, but alone.

I wrote the original melody in 2000-2001. I wrote lyrics too, but as I’m not a great singer, the track has remained instrumental.


This version is similar to the Hidden remix, but with better sounds. Both remixes are a bit longer than the original from A World Beyond.