"Descendance" is taken from a section of the track “A World Beyond” / “Hidden in the Beyond” from the albums of the same title.

When I started putting together the music that became A World Beyond, I had a lot of unfinished pieces. I wanted to finish some tracks and put them onto an album.

Somewhere along the way, I decided to join some of the shorter tracks into longer tracks, with mixed results. Some tracks were clearly stuck together, while other combinations worked better than I expected.

“Descendance” is one of those pieces. Originally called “Climbing the Peak” (a title I reused for a bonus track on A Change of Scenery) it was halfway between catchy and repetitive. For the track “A World Beyond”, I took another track, “Land of Far”, and put the original “Climbing the Peak” onto the end. Of the two, this is definitely the better track.

Later, for Hidden in the Beyond, I added more pieces after this track: “Twinkles”, a brief variation of “Moon Eclipse”, and a short bridge leading to “Raindrops”.


Splitting it from “A World Beyond” and retitling the track “Descendance” (a kind of opposite title to “Climbing the Peak”) resulted in a running time of 1:40. For the remix, I lengthened the track, changed the instruments, and replaced a few of the melodies. Fundamentally, it’s clearly still the same track, albeit a little more developed.