Eternal Evolution

"Eternal Evolution" is excerpted from "Nine Intertwined" on Hidden in the Beyond, specifically the opening and closing section.

“Nine Intertwined” was something of a tour de force. Joining tracks into longer tracks was something I did a lot of on A World Beyond. For Hidden in the Beyond, I decided to merge the three “Aries” tracks (parts 1 and 2, part 3, and parts 4 and 5) with some new material. The track became the 18+ minute epic, “Nine Intertwined”.

Although I was happy with the outcome, sometimes I felt that the track made you wait around for 15+ minutes for a resolution to the great opening theme. Incidentally, the title “Eternal Evolution” is the original name of the section within “Nine Intertwined”.

Splitting this track from the larger body of work and placing it on its own was something I hadn’t tried before the Revisited project. Whereas I’d previously invested time on merging shorter tracks into longer tracks, in this case I decided to do the opposite.


The intro is fairly similar aside from the addition of a simple woodblock percussion line. This is a little irregular, as it was hard to find a suitable drum pattern for the 3/4 time signature.

Drums do accompany the remainder of the track, as the original sounded good but felt a little empty.

The instruments aren’t hugely different to the original, except it’s a little more electronic this time around.

I’ve also extended what was originally a fairly short track by adding a little more repetition.