"Aries" is a reworking of part 3, 4 and 5 of "Aries" from A World Beyond, which also appeared as part of "Nine Intertwined" on Hidden in the Beyond.

Track descriptions:

Aries Part 3
Flying around the universe, we travel to a distant galaxy.

Aries Parts 4 and 5
Part 4 tells of an exotic, faraway land. Part 5 is about the worshipping of a superior being.


0:00 Part 3
2:49 Part 4
3:59 Part 5

Having split “Eternal Evolution” into its own track, I wanted to continue repurposing the best material from “Nine Intertwined”. This remix of “Aries” retains the original title, but skips parts 1 and 2 as they weren’t as good.


The entire track now has drums, but manages to avoid being a re-tread of the “Aries Part 3” GFD remix from Symmetry 2.

The style of Part 3 is closer to the equivalent section of “Nine Intertwined” than to the original on A World Beyond. Part 4 isn’t vastly different to “Nine Intertwined” but I’ve reworked the instruments to sound a bit fuller.

Part 5 is fundamentally the same melody, but with a couple of changes. Firstly, the ever-changing time signature has been stripped back to work with the drums, which means a few additional passing notes here and there. There’s a new section before the final repeat of the Part 5 melody, which I feel is particularly special. The repetitive pattern from Part 3 now returns in Part 5, to bring the piece full circle.

What's next?

“Aries” marks the end of the remixes from A World Beyond / Hidden in the Beyond, at least for now. There’s a forthcoming project to cover some of the tracks we skipped. We'll be moving onto Besidewalk Plight next.