The Island

Revisiting Besidewalk Plight

In the original sleeve notes for Besidewalk Plight, each story had a description that formed part of a larger story. In the music, there’s a strong progression from the first track (“Gravity”) to track 10 (“Twisted Vision”). At that point, the progression ends, and the final five tracks go in a slightly different direction. This is reflected in the story, too: track 11 returns to the beach that featured earlier in the dialogue. The story doesn’t repeat, but it’s almost like it starts over.

For the remixes, I’ve dropped a few tracks, retitled most of them, and reordered the remaining tracks into a slightly more coherent order that most closely mirrors the story for the final five tracks – at least in terms of the titles. As before, all tracks have been remixed, some more than others.

About “The Island”

“The Island” is a remix of “The Last Ones – Phase 1”. Its name comes from part of the Besidewalk Plight sleeve notes:

The Turning Tide
There’s water at my feet, and a boat in front of me. I get into the boat, and I’m taken to an island.

This track was then followed by “The Wilderness”. Here’s the description for “The Last Ones – Phase 1”:

The Last Ones – Phase 1
The rain pours down as I make my way through the forest. Eventually, I find a clearing. I’ve found a forgotten tribe – the last ones standing on this island.

The track is split into two parts:

0:00 Nebular Mass
1:43 The Last Ones

Revisited Remix

Instead of the rather elongated three-part (or three “phase”) coda to the album, most of the material for “The Last Ones” hasn’t made it onto this collection of remixes. Phase 1 was always my favourite, so this time around, I’ve used it to start the album instead of it being buried at the end.

The new version is more piano-led, and a little quicker. I’ve taken out the flutes, which were rather overused, especially in the second part. This means you can actually hear the melodies in “The Last Ones” (from 1:43) and it isn’t boring like the original.