The Unravelling of Travelling

My fourth studio album – finished in January 2008. (Refer to the Twice Midnight page for an explanation of why these albums were switched.)

This album has 21 tracks, the most on any of my albums. It is divided into three movements, each consisting of seven tracks. The album deals with the thoughts and feelings of moving abroad.

This is the album I'm most proud of. The tracks work both on their own and as a larger body of work; the quality of music and production is good throughout.

The photos for this album were taken in a small field in Port Macquarie, Australia.

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The FAWM factor

A lot of the tracks came from participating in FAWM 2007, where the goal is to write 14 tracks in 28 days. I finished early, so wrote 2 more tracks, bringing the total to 16.

12 of the FAWM tracks made it onto the album:

  • Forbidden Planet
  • A Village of Silver
  • Ghostly Presence
  • Caught between two dreams
  • Reminiscence
  • The Long Cold Night
  • Justified Eloquence
  • Distance and Proximity
  • Measure an infinite distance
  • Secret Passages
  • Steel Works
  • Deafening Silence

The other 4 tracks didn't make it onto the album:

  • Fortitude - later extended and called Climbing the Peak
  • Race Against Time - later renamed Model Railway
  • Invisible in the Shadows - later extended and merged with The Quiet Lake
  • Reality Check - because it wasn’t any good

Title changes

Several of the tracks were renamed:

  • Caught between two dreams - titling this one was tricky. It had three previous titles: "When dreams becomes nightmares"; "Everything will come to nothing"; "Too Frightening"
  • Reminiscence - originally titled "The Pathway"
  • Steel Works - originally titled "Lifelongthreatening"
  • Step Outside - unearthed from my archives. Originally titled "Sector 1"
  • State of Indifference - unearthed from my archives. Originally titled "China"

Album changes

Some tracks were originally written for other albums:

  • Sitting on the corner of the sky - written for "Citadel City"
  • Precipitate - written for "Besidewalk Plight"
  • Lifeline - written for "Twice Midnight"
  • Take Me Downstairs - written for "Twice Midnight"
  • Twilight City Lights - written for "Citadel City"

New tracks not listed above

The remaining tracks were written for this album:

  • When the world knows
  • Travelling Unravelled - the only track on the album to be created from bits of other tracks. Includes "We Must Depart", and "Winter Tale".


All tracks are free to use for non-commercial purposes. Attribution required.

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Ben Barden - The Unravelling of Travelling