Twice Midnight

The photos for this album were taken at Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie, Australia - much like the shots taken for Besidewalk Plight. This album was originally intended as a follow-up.

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I started working on Twice Midnight after completing Besidewalk Plight, intending this to be my third album. However, the album didn't progress too well.

I shelved Twice Midnight and set to work on Hidden in the Beyond. I also started The Unravelling of Travelling. I ended up with three albums in progress at the same time.

In the end, I finished and released The Unravelling of Travelling just two months before I released Twice Midnight. But as most of Twice Midnight was written earlier, it felt like a bit of a backwards step.

So, I now consider Twice Midnight to be my third album proper, even if it wasn't released in that order.

Track links

Several of the tracks are linked in some way:

  • Midnight theme - this features in Midnight 1, Twilight Tide, Prosperity, and Midnight 2. It also features in "Take Me Downstairs" from The Unravelling of Travelling - which was originally written for Twice Midnight. As a result, it creates a link between the two albums.
  • Waiting for the Sun - the riff pattern features at the start of Opposites Attract, as a way to link the tracks together.
  • Moon Eclipse - towards the end of the album, Solar Eclipse appears as a remix of Moon Eclipse.
  • Woodland Clearing - Between the Trees was written as an immediate follow-up to Woodland Clearing, with an intro intended to continue and advance the feel of Woodland Clearing. Unfortunately the track itself just wasn't that good.
  • Circumference - the original version of this track is included as a bonus track. A newer remix, Radial Circumference, appears in the main album track listing.
  • Gravity (Ben's Low Gravity Remix) - despite being a bonus track, this is a remix of Gravity from Besidewalk Plight - thereby linking those two albums together, too.
  • Twice Midnight - the aforementioned Midnight theme links a few tracks together. However, there's a more obvious link between two tracks and also the album title - Midnight 1 is a short intro, and Midnight 2 develops its ideas into a much longer track.


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Ben Barden - Twice Midnight