This was a fun project I came up with during a period of downtime, and continued to some extent in my own time. I thought of the idea for a live stats screen – “Snapshot” - and went about building it. The screen got the whole team excited about the sales stats.

Snapshot became a permanent fixture on big screens in the London and Newcastle offices, and enabled much quicker observations about the sales of the day and month than the reporting screens allowed (as they took more clicks to open up). I even included a very simple “live chat” feature for the team to occasionally post messages.

It probably took less work than most of the projects I worked on at printed.com, but it made such a big impact that it’s one of my proudest achievements for the company.

Project details

Project: Snapshot

Launch: circa June 2012, with minor ongoing updates

Role: Concept / UI Designer / Lead Developer / Web Product Manager