Today is my 2nd anniversary of working for Octopus Energy. It’s been a blast and I look forward to more.

I was trying to think of something that could sum up the last couple of years. I have worked with so many amazing people – it would take a while to list them all! But there’s a much shorter answer that I think many of us can relate to every single day.


So much of what we do day to day is connected to Slack in some way. Our Slack has everything from big announcements to the smaller, more nuanced tips and tricks. We might be reacting to something that needs attention, or proactively sharing info and guides to help everyone learn a little more.

We encourage everyone to have a profile picture, and we have hundreds of custom emojis that are often surprising when you find a new one, or a group of them – cat and blob emojis being personal favourites. These add so much vibrancy and personality to our messages.

Perhaps I’m preaching to the converted, but it’s incredible to compare the speed and versatility of Slack with the days of communicating via email.

Of course, we are far from the only people using Slack – but I think it’s an important part of our DNA.

Anyway, roll on 3 years!